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At Alexander Group – Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It’s embedded in our culture throughout the organisation.

Safety is our priority

It is our priority that our employees undertake stringent Health & Safety training and that we are associated with a ‘best in class’ product which not just meets but surpasses Health & Safety requirements. This ensures that operators of our equipment are provided with the best safety features.

The demands placed upon modern industrial trucks and their operators are continually increasing. The trucks are transporting ever heavier loads, clearing ever higher heights, and working faster, more flexibly and more efficiently. As the demands increase, so does the risk of an accident.

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Product Safety Features

Forklifts and warehouse handling equipment from Linde have numerous features as standard that increase both active and passive safety.

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Protector Frame

Offers outstanding protection for the operator because the protective canopy and frame form a complete, enclosed protective space.

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Operator's Compartment

The operator’s workplace is outfitted so that their entire body stays within the truck allowing the user to keep an eye on their surroundings.

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Intelligent Assistance

Linde driver assistance systems such as SpeedAssist and CurveAssist actively support the operator in keeping them safe throughout their working day.

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Safety Pilot

Keeps the operator constantly informed of the most important parameters such as the current load weight or the maximum possible lift height.

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Dynamic Mast Control

Actively compensates for any to and fro movements of the mast on a lift truck allowing forklift operators to operate precisely and safely even at maximum height.

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Connect App

Digital fleet management solution which offers numerous operator safety improving functionalities using the personalised access controls.

En Route to 'Zero Accidents'

The Linde product is underpinned by the ‘zero accidents’ philosophy. This is based on a vision of preventing 100 percent of accidents in intralogistics through the development of products that set new records in safety thanks to their design.

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